Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 100

Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring is here hurrah! If you cannot guess already I am a fan of Spring one of two favourite seasons for me, the other being Autumn in case your interested to know. I am assuming I am not the only one who has certain fragrances for different times of the year?! For me at this time of year I start using my Liz Earle No 100 parfum simply because it doesn’t fit with the atmosphere and mood of Autumn and Winter.

I adore the packaging and how the parfum is presented inside, I believe this may be a limited edition design as it celebrates 100 years of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and I am pretty sure I purchased this two years ago. With that being said I really do need to make an effort to finish this off this year before it turns.

Described as a fresh floral fragrance it is definitely not a subtle scent I would say it is 100% in your face stand out from the crowd I am an absolute fierce and determined woman scent, thought it would be wise to let you know that now. Somedays I cannot wear this as I firstly need to be in that fierce I am here mood but also if I have a bad head starting it doesn’t help with the feeling of already feeling rubbish it emphasises it for me.

I really think of my Nan when I wear this, bare with me here, she passed about 12 years ago but she was a strong force of nature, she knew what she wanted she rarely accepted no as an answer so I could see her wearing this fragrance as for me this is what it stands for, so when I wear I feel like I am channelling her strength.

There are a whole list of notes in this beautiful bottle of delight, bergamot and sandalwood are two fragrances I adore which I also only realised in recent years, any candles I buy I generally get with these scents.

Fragrance is incredibly difficult to describe in writing, I wasn’t even planning this post but I spritzed it on and decided I had to share this with you. If you like a subtle floral scent you will not like this it’s definitely an acquired taste but if you like full on pow floral scents this is for you.

I hope you liked the post guys, sorry for going quiet on the post front life has spontaneously got busy and I lost my routine. Xx


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