Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow

Let me introduce to you the Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow. 

I remember when this came out I had a strong desire to have it though I wasn’t entirely sure how to best use it. It is described as a sheer foundation but after using it I wouldn’t personally class this as a foundation probably more on the side of a BB cream but a very sheer coverage. I picked up the lightest shade which has a light pink undertone & very much a healthy glow to the formula. 

Most of the time I wore this alone but two things I noticed that didn’t work well for me was that I could really feel like I had something on my skin abit like an oil slick feeling if that makes sense. I also noticed that perhaps it wasn’t suited to my combination skin type as I did find my t-zone became oily quite quickly, even after powdering. Generally speaking I do not tend to suffer from an oily t-zone anymore but something about this product sets it off.

The appearance of the skin after application is smooth, even toned, healthy, refreshed & relaxed. A sheer coverage doesn’t really work for me & you definitely can’t build this up so I started to use this as a primer base under my foundation, the thinking behind it was the healthy glow would show through the foundation as a little glow from within. I used this product alot for quite a few months but then I got distracted with something else & forgot about it. 

I rediscovered this two weeks ago but found it was past its best so it has now moved into the bin. Overall this is nice it blends well but I don’t really get it,  I don’t think it works well enough as a standalone product. This won’t be a repurchase for me it’s far too expensive for something that doesn’t wow me. 

I hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


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