Forgotten Products – By Terry Concealer & MAC Prep + Prime 

During my recent clear out I realised just how disorganised I was & not all of my makeup was accounted for. I discovered in a little drawer set that I had two products I had completely forgotten about & something I needed to start using ASAP. 

Let me introduce to you the By Terry Touch Expert & MAC Prep + Prime.

I seem to have abit of a memory loss of when I purchased the By Terry concealer but it is still OK to use it doesn’t smell off or have an odd texture so I am going to try my best to get through it as much as I can.  The one thing I am finding able the products is they are all scented with rose or something floral which does put me off abit bit for the price tag I won’t be letting that stop me using what products I have in my collection. 

I chose the lightest shade Fair which I think is just about right for my complexion, the formula definitely blends out with no problem though it doesn’t necessarily give me the full coverage I desire but it feels lovely & light on the skin. I think this could potentially be a great product for days when you do not want to wear a full face of foundation but have coverage in certain areas. The concealer doesn’t dry down cakey or look like it could go dry under the eyes there is definitely a moisturised looking finish to the formula. 

In my opinion I think it’s average as a product though a great brand it’s just an OK concealer. The price tag & lack of full coverage for my dark undereyes does not equal a repurchase for me. 

I definitely remember why I purchased this but not when, there was quite a lot of love for this product in the Blogger & YouTube community which of course made me want it too. The irony is I actually do not like highlighting my features at all, I am fairly pale so I can’t pull it off quite well plus I think there is a time & a place for highlighting.

I picked up Light Boost which to be honest is the absolute wrong tone for me anywhere near my eyes I think this would make me look ill. This is actually designed to bring radiance to the skin, though I think even if I did pick up my correct match now I genuinely wouldn’t use it as I haven’t thought about this for a long time so I must have kept hold of it for those “just in case” I want to use it moments. 

I am interested to see if anyone else has used By Terry whether it’s their concealer or another product?  What are your thoughts? 

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx 


One thought on “Forgotten Products – By Terry Concealer & MAC Prep + Prime 

  1. I don’t have either of these products but I did pick up the By Terry Densiliss Concealer, which is the wand type of concealer they offer. I haven’t opened it yet! :P I do like these click brush pen types of highlighting concealers, but usually I don’t find they can work alone. One of my favourites is actually from the drugstore: Maybelline Dream Lumi.

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