Arbonne RE9 Night Repair Creme


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Has Spring started to appear where you are?

This week I am bringing to you a little pot of goodness from Arbonne. I have written about this brand a couple of times before but if you haven’t caught those posts yet then the things you need to know about Arbonne are;

  • The brand was developed in Switzerland
  • The company was founded in 1975
  • They are premium formulated & use botanically based ingredients
  • They are completely vegan
  • They are formulated without gluten, synthetic fragrance, parabens & dyes
  • They do not test on animals

I have been using a lot of the skincare products since September & I can genuinely say I have seen nothing but results. Everything feels luxurious when applied, although the packaging is not hot to trot whats inside really is effective & does great things to all skin types. The RE9 Night Repair Creme is the only cream based product I have in my collection for a night time treatment, I tend to chop & change between what I use when I go to bed but I like to reach for this when my skin is craving a cream product.

When I use this product I like the fact that I can feel my skin thanking me for it, you know when you apply hand cream & it feels incredible as it works its magic? This is exactly the experience I feel after applying the night cream. The product works to deliver soft, supple, radiant skin, it locks in moisture as you sleep & you wake feeling refreshed. It claims to help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles but at this stage in my life, mid 30’s, I cannot really comment as I do not have these issues to work on just yet though prevention is key right so maybe I won’t end up with fine lines & wrinkles…..

The cream itself for me is just the right texture & consistency, it is not thick in the slightest which is something I detest in a cream product but it is not watered down to a runny consistency either. It soaks into the skin beautifully though I wouldn’t say straightaway but you do feel an instant sense of plumpness & hydration.There is no oily or greasy residue which is another thing I detest in skincare products. I am very generous with my application as I know my skin is going to drink it up so can take quite a lot of cream on the skin.

Ingredients in the cream include algae which is what helps with fine lines & wrinkles, vitamin C for supporting the collagen in our skin, peptides which are delivering the moisture & something I have never heard of before sea buckthorn oil which reading up on it promotes antioxidant protection.

So I like the cream but you should know me by now that I like a wow factor in a product & although this is good it doesn’t give me the wow. For me this is not going to be a repurchase which actually works out quite well as I have been looking to downsize my skincare collection to the key products I cannot be without.

I definitely feel this is worth trying especially for those who are looking for skincare which is paraben free, I am not even making it up when I say since I have been using Arbonne I have not had one spot & I always got one every month, hormones right!

I hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


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