Blusher Clear Out


This is going to be the last clear out I do for a while as I think I have got to a happy place with my collection but also I am at a sticking point of what else I want to let go, admittedly I have a million & one eye palettes but I really can’t bring myself to do that yet.

So here goes.



OK so not technically a blusher but two cheeks products which I class as part of my blusher drawer & clear out. I got these highlighters from Topshop some time ago they are very pretty mousses but I realised recently that they do not apply very well, they are quite difficult to blend out & the highlighter pieces in the formula are quite chunky so they are not a very nice subtle highlight that I would normally go for. I definitely feel there are other brands out there which have a much nicer formula & blend ability so based on this they have been given their marching orders & no longer in my collection. It is a shame really as they look really lovely in the pots.


I went through a massive e.l.f phase a few years ago I literally became obsessed with the brand & for good reason, their products are genuinely really good & very affordable. I still have a lot of products in my collection to this day I think I even counted 6 or 7 blushers but these are the 3 I decided to let go as they were no longer shades that I would wear. The one thing I find frustrating about e.l.f, maybe it has been changed I don’t know, but the labelling of their products were always poor so I cannot even tell you the names of these blushers! I do really love the pink one its very vibrant but I think my bright pink blush days are gone & I do have another blush very similar still in my collection if I feel the need to bring some major life to my cheeks.

The pigmentation on the blushers are great by the way you definitely need a light hand as I found out myself a few times so they are totally worth picking up if you are looking for a new blush & there is definitely a lot of choice of shades the only thing I would say is the ones with glitter particles in are quite chunky so I generally stayed clear of these ones as they were that great but the rest excellent.



Dainty Doll was a cosmetic brand developed with Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, it had pale to very pale skinned girls in mind which is a concept I loved because not an awful lot of brands even to this day cater for the very pale end of the scale. I have a feeling Dainty Doll is no longer available but when it was around I wanted to pick up a few of their blushers. I still have one in my collection which is so pale it can be passed off as a highlighter powder.

The two here I am saying goodbye too are just not for me, the cream is a fairly nice colour but the formula is a little too slippery it is not a product that blends well into the skin it is the sort of cream that sits on top of the skin. The pink to the right is pretty unflattering on me personally, if I said it was a dry powder formula would that make sense to you? I wouldn’t say it is the best powder so it is not a blusher I am interested in keeping considering how many other amazing blushers I have already.


Next up is a little variety a couple I have been holding on to for that “just in case I want to use it moment” that of course never arises. The NYX Peach is actually not what I would class as a peach it is blatantly pink! A very highly pigmented powder which is also quite bitty so you have to be careful with application. I kept this because I am drawn to pink very much like the e.l.f blush above but seeing as I have something else of a similar shade there was absolutely no point in keeping this one.

The Bareminerals is actually a highlighter I completely forgot I ever had! But looking at it straight away I didn’t like it so goodness knows why I kept it in my collection but hey no sentimental value here so off it goes!

Max Factor brought out these beautiful little blushers about 3 years ago I think?! I remember when they first arrived there was a lot of discussion in the blog & YouTube world about them being dupes for the Hourglass blushers that had just come out. I am on the fence with that opinion but as a stand along product they are great. I purchased 4 of the 6 shades available & this was the only one when looking through my collection I realised I just would not wear & it was purchased on a must have basis. The formula is lovely & they are easy to blend, they look beautiful on the skin although I am throwing this one out as a whole they are brilliant pots to have so would recommend these if you have been toying whether or not to pick one or two up.

Oh my the MAC blush is something I have been holding on to, Dainty in name dainty in colour but it is literally past its best & needs to leave on the basis that a) it is old now & b) I haven’t used it in a long time. I don’t feel the need to run out & purchase a replacement because in all honesty I am actually not really a fan of MAC blushers! Did I really say that?! Yeah I did. There is so much choice in the beauty industry that I would rather spend my money elsewhere then on MAC, I have a few products for myself & professional makeup kit but as a brand they are not my go to so I am really not sad to say goodbye to Dainty.


Hoarder alert hoarder alert! I love NARS but I have an issue, I cannot seem to use their products as I love them so much I don’t want to ruin them. Please tell me there are others out there like this with makeup brands? I have NARS blush palettes & eye palettes that I am incapable of touching but that is something I am going to work on.

Hungry Heart is gorgeous, does anyone have it? I do however feel that this is too glittery for me & for my cheeks I am definitely not a glitter kind of girl so I have decided to re-home this duo with my friend, I have only swatched it so it is an absolute shame to waste it.

Killing Me Softly was a palette I purchased from eBay, hmmm. I somehow came across this & was in desperate need to have it in my collection but I have never used it. It has been used by the previous owner of course so I kind of wish I never bought this now, hygiene & all of that so there is no attachment here so off it goes!

That is it for the blusher clear out, 13 products in total.

I hope you liked the post guys, has anyone else decided to start clearing out their products? What have you been saying goodbye to?

Much love xx




5 thoughts on “Blusher Clear Out

  1. I held my breath a little seeing the elf blush purge – I own just the bright pink one (I haven’t tried it yet) but glad to know you like the quality.
    The MAC mineral blush in Dainty has been on my wish list for ages – it’s such a pretty colour! I like MAC blushes but they’re not The Best ever. I just like that they have a wide variety – actually their mineral ones are my favourite.
    I hear you about wanting to keep makeup in pristine condition.. they’re meant for using, not for looking at! :oops:
    It pains me to see the blushes being purged, but I totally understand your reasoning!

    1. You will love the elf blush in fact I recommend you buy more!
      It pained me too but my main picture is actually my blush drawer I have never counted how many I have but it could easily be 30 possibly 40 gulp

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