Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial 

It’s a holy grail! There I said it straight away.

I wrote a very brief blog post about this 3 years ago & I had discovered this product a year before so 4 years I have been using this, not bad for someone who cannot help but try new things but I always come back to this!

For those who have not heard about Sarah Chapman where have you been? The Queen in my eyes of luxury skincare products. Sarah has alot of years of experience in skincare science cosmetics to be precise so she has alot of knowledge & makes products that work to give the desired results. I would love to get an appointment for a facial one day with Sarah infact I am going to make it my mission. 

The Overnight Facial was the first product I tried from her range but I never gave it enough attention to really see what it was about,  it was when I came back to it after a few months & consistently used it did I then see the wow factor. I believe I am now on my 5th one?! It’s a very much loved product. At 15ml you don’t want to be too generous with it infact one pump is enough though I have just spied that QVCUK have a 30ml supersize I just need to figure out how to get it to me without the other half noticing!  The product is an oil though not a greasy oil, once applied to the skin it soaks in beautifully leaving no residue or wastage. There are lots of amazing ingredients as per the following from the website;

“Vitamin A, VCIP Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lipobrite®HCA-4, Coenzyme Q10, Renovage™, Dermaxyl™Oligopeptide, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Abyssinian Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Melon Oil, Baobab Oil, Jojoba, Jasmine, Rose.”
The results to look out for in the morning are plump & smooth skin, brighter, firmer, radiance basically this gives dull skin a new lease of life. I absolutely love the way my skin looks it’s definitely softer, plumper, radiant & very far from dull it is incredible. I really swear by this facial oil I just struggle to use it & stick to it as I have so many favourite night time treatments but one thing I do know is I will never be without this in my skincare collection,  I always pick up a new one as soon as it is running out whether that’s from QVCUK or Space NK my absolute favourite store for beauty. 

OK I know it’s not cheap or affordable at £40-50 depending where you buy it from but I truly believe in investing in my skin & when something works & I go wow I know it’s staying with me for life.

I am toying with getting the Dynamic Defence moisturiser for sometime so if you have please let me know your thoughts? 

I hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx 


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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