Lipstick Clear Out 

This was one of two drawers I was dreading going through firstly because I had done a clear out last year & thought that was enough but secondly lipsticks are one of my favorite makeup items so parting ways was going to be a tough choice. 

So here goes… 

I went through a huge phase two years ago of buying so many L’Oréal lipsticks I genuinely loved them & needed to collect beautiful shades that came in beautiful packaging. I love the casing on these they look slick & quite luxurious for a drugstore brand but I haven’t used these & it all comes down to the shade choices.

I have something similar to the first two already in my collection & the third one well it’s just bloody awful! The bullet looks really pretty but once swatched I hate it there’s no colour payoff it’s wishy washy. However I must admit now that I have realised I cannot stand the smell of L’Oréal too which did play a big part with saying goodbye to these.

Next up are some mini New CID lipsticks I picked up in a set probably 3/4 years ago but being abit odd I didn’t want to throw out part of the set regardless of whether I liked the shades or not, I always like to keep things together which I have never understood why but now is the time to say goodbye to Raspberry, Fuschia & Peony. It is safe to say I would have not worn Raspberry & Peony as they are too red toned for me but had I remembered having Fuschia I may have got some use out of it but now I already have a couple of other lipsticks similar in colour so no need to hold onto it.

The first lipstick here is from Gerard Cosmetics before it was available in the UK & it saddens me that I am throwing this out, this is Buttercup & was an absolute reach for most days when I first had it. I used to carry a selection of lipsticks in my handbag & this was always in my bag it has just come to a time where it is passed it’s best. A perfect nude for me so will definitely be a repurchase at somepoint.

The next lipstick to go is the Max Factor Pink Brandy which is a lovely shade why I am throwing it out I don’t know but it’s already gone, such a beautiful colour. I think maybe I had something similar infact that probably was the case as I was quite brutal & made a choice to not keep duplicate shades.

I cannot even tell what the 3rd one is I think it’s L’Oréal, I remember picking up 3 lipsticks from eBay this being one of them but there is no colour pay off at all the swatch is genuinely what it looked like but in the lipstick it was a pink tone, a big dissapointment for this one.

OK this last selection was quite easy for me, first up another L’Oréal but this is one with a difference & also a lipstick I bought two of as at the time I thought the concept was awesome. It is one of those products that react to your natural lip colour & turns into your perfect shade of pink though be it a sheer shade of pink, it’s a novelty really & when I saw it I kind of rolled my eyes so knew it was game over.

The Bourjois Rogue 04 got the chop simply because I didn’t like the shade particularly on me, I am a fair skintone so this looks too dark on me but I think it would be a perfect shade for a medium tone.

OK this last one makes me feel weird. I purchased a set of 6 Illamasqua lipsticks a while back & again felt I couldn’t break up the set & get rid of the ones I wouldn’t use. But now I am, firstly I am not a red fan on me, it looks amazing on others just not me in my opinion, secondly it’s the name of it! Now I know this is no longer available so hats off to Illamasqua, I just feel so weird holding onto something where the name now means something else something terrible so much so I don’t even want to write it & risk having my blog come up in searches associated with it so if you haven’t looked at the picture yet please do so you can understand my feeling of awkwardness. 

12 lipsticks in total got the cut I am pretty happy with what I have left but I bet if I went back to that drawer in a month I could get rid of a few more.

I hope you liked the post guys, much love xx 

2 thoughts on “Lipstick Clear Out 

  1. Well done again on the clear out! No sense hanging onto colours and formulas you don’t love.
    I think in reality, we only need 1 tube from each colour family… not 10 MLBB type shades! ;)
    I’m a sucker for those “mood” / colour changing lipsticks too – so fun and reminds of childhood.

  2. It’s so hard to part with makeup, but i totally see why you got rid of some of those L’Oreals – I don’t use L’Oreal lipsticks often but that colour payoff is so translucent! That Bourjois Rouge 04 is looking beautiful, that’s gonna go on my to-buy list haha xx

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