Decleor Neroli Night Balm

Doesn’t the weeks fly by Tuesday again & another post about one of my night time treatments, this one is a goody.

Decleor Neroli Night Balm how I love thee! I became a huge fan of Decleor 5/6 years ago & ended up buying alot of their skincare, I found a couple of products that didn’t do it for me but also alot that I did & will keep in my beauty routine. I started to use the balm very early on in my Decleor adventure & instantly knew that was something amazing & special about this product, my opinions & experiences are always best on results & whether there is a wow factor, this product 100% has that wow factor & let me tell you why.

The standard size for this is 15ml which is what I had here but I started with the super-sized 30ml which lasted around 10 months, the formula is a solid yet soft balm which you only need a tiny pea size of,literally nothing more. You massage the balm between your hands until it becomes a thick oil consistency then pat & roll it all over your face. The fragrance of the oils instantly start to relax you, I hear neroli has fantastic relaxing properties, as you work the balm in it leaves a beautiful layer of oil to really give your skin a treat. As well as neroli the ingredients also include chamomile & avocado which really makes for a luxury experience.

I leave the oil on my face & simply nod off, you certainly won’t want to be answering your front door looking shiny, though it’s a great shine. I find the balm sinks in effortlessly throughout the night & the next day my skin looks AMAZING!  So plump, healthy, glowy, hydrated & rested everything I look for in a nighttime treatment. When I used it regularly I was generally putting it on every other night, I am waiting to finish a couple of my current products before I start on this new purchase because I get everyone need just from this one product so I don’t feel the need to chop & change between products. 

I have never felt so hydrated the next day from anything before, true story & I don’t think I really need to say this is a holy grail for me! This is a great balm to have in your stash if your skin is going through an awkward phase I find it rebalanced & calms.

I have two more night products which are also absolute holy grails but being without this for a few months whilst I used other stuff was pretty hard, once I find something amazing that delivers I will never not keep it in my collection. 

I highly recommend this.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


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