Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath

The Laura Mercier Bath products have been a lust of mine for about 4 years but I could never bring myself to make a purchase as it is incredibly expensive at around £34,eek & I was not sure which version I would like the smell of. I think it was in the sale a couple of years ago I picked up some mini body creams which had each of the scents in which helped me to decide that I loved the Fresh Fig which took me by surprise I was expecting to love the Vanille or Creme Brulee but neither of these were my cup of tea. 

I fell so hard for the Fresh Fig I ended up purchasing a full size body butter. Last year in November time Space NK had money off a purchase so I decided a long with a voucher I had to make a purchase & picked up at long last a bath cream. Naturally I chose Fresh Fig & I have just finished it up!  The cream is really thick & the smell is absolutely beautiful so intense. After a long soak in the bath my skin always felt super soft & hydrated & had a lovely scent that lingered. 

The ingredients are made up of shea butter, fig extracts &  macadamia oil.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my baths using this especially coming out feeling so soft for hours afterwards but I wouldn’t make a repurchase because of the price point, of course it is an absolute luxury brand & luxury product but I just can’t bring myself to buy it again but maybe if I get the opportunity with a voucher & some points that I accumulated over the year I may buy some as a treat but it won’t be a regular purchase. 

I hope you liked the post guys much love xx


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