Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask 

I am currently running a mini series every Tuesday about night time treatments that I have been using, if you missed last weeks post I talked about the Sunday Rileys Luna Oil – 

This week I wanted to talk about the Clinique Overnight Mask which is pretty good timing as I have very nearly finished it. I must have used this for the first time about 18 months ago but it has never been a must have product that I have wanted to reach for so it has taken until now to actually use it up. I have been on a mission in the last 6 months to start using products up as they will only end up wasted BUT it has also been helping me to decide which ones I do & do not like. 

This particular mask has a light pink cream texture which is thin in consistency but not watery, it feels very cooling on initial contact with the skin of which I try to put a generous layer of on, I personally find after 10 minutes the mask has sunk into my skin so I guess my dehydrated skin is still hanging around. I like to get the full benefits with as much product as possible so I do tend to layer it up. 

I literally sleep with this on, if I wear this from early evening I find the skin is tacky to touch but there is never any mask sat on the surface so I tend to top it up some more before I go to sleep. Now this is the sticking point for me, on waking up the next day I agree that your skin looks plumped but to visually look at I don’t get the wow factor the instant thought of look at how amazing my skin looks. I must say though this mask does have lots & lots of raving reviews but for me I don’t feel it gives me the outcome I was hoping for. It doesn’t perform badly but if I compare it to the Dior Rehydration mask which is incredible & gives me the wow factor it’s hard to give the Clinique a big thumbs up. Both masks are the same price point but it’s an easy decision for me I just think it’s unfortunate Clinique is being compared to one of my holy grail products but at least I realise I don’t need both in my life. I genuinely hope this works out better for others. 

So to summarise the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is lovely to use, it personally didn’t live up to my expectations & experiences with other amazing products but I am pleased I have been using this up rather than throwing it out which would have been a really easy decision to make. 

I hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


2 thoughts on “Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask 

  1. I am still undecided about these type of sleeping masks. To me, isn’t it just a more intense night cream? I did buy a few to test out but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    And I hear you about using up opened skincare – I’m getting better about it but it’s a challenge being a beauty blogger!

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