Buff Your Stuff – Body Scrub

A body scrub has been part of my routine since my late teens something I try & do on a weekly basis though I have been slack on this front for a while. The thought of dead skin sitting all over my body is a grim thought & like skincare on the face why would you want to spend money on nice products if your just layering it onto old skin. 

Most the time I use a scrub with those really cheap exfoliating gloves between the two your body feel amazing afterwards, completely smoothed out with a new lease of life. 

I find that I tend to get bobbles on my arms quite often which don’t feel sexy in the slightest so I really enjoy a good scrub down. 

My go to I’d always Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff available in Sainsburys in the UK, over the last couple of years the formula has been tweaked to include sweet almond oil, I haven’t noticed any negative impact of this so I guess it can only be a great addition to what was always an excellent product. My mum actually bought me this brand a long time ago & I have always repurchased this. I have only twice moved away from this product one to try the Soap & Harry scrub which is also excellent & two to use up some Loccitane scrub I had in a collection which was also very impressive. 

The Dirty Works is very affordable £2-3 which is nothing really. This is a brand that does not test on animals but instead chooses you test on us humans. The ingredients are made up of pumice & peach stone particles neither of which feel harsh on the skin I think the almond oil helps to make the scrub feel smooth on the skin. Other ingredients include shea butter oil, vitamin E & a mix of jasmine, neroli & rock rose oils which really makes the scrub smell divine. 
I never realised before now but this is actually a holy grail product for me, I loved the Soap & Glory but this is about £5 cheaper & does the job well so I will continue to repurchase this brand. 

Hope you liked the post guys much love xx


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