Makeup Clear Out – Face Powder 

After having a minor lipgloss clear out I decided I needed to move forward & find another batch of makeup to say goodbye too so I chose an easy area again – face powders. 

I have all types of powders some which are pretty expensive so I decided to go with the quick & easy wins that are barely used, no longer used or its just time to get rid due to expiry dates. 

I completely forgot I owned the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder there really is no reason why I should have forgotten about this. I purchased this nearly 3 years ago I went to a John Lewis counter & had a makeover & ended buying alot of products as a result which reminds me I better check if I still have the foundation stick because if I do that needs to go out! The powder shade is Sandy Beige 2 which was selected for me though I think it is probably more my colour in the warmer months to be honest. 

The powder is very silky soft to the touch, I would describe it as finely milled it certainly doesn’t look cakey. This makes a great setting powder I just wish I hadn’t forgotten about it. The packaging is super sturdy with a latch you have to press in to open the lid, the mirror is a very decent size so great for those on the go. 

It’s a lovely powder but I probably wouldn’t repurchase it whilst I have other face powders that I really should use before it’s too late but I wouldn’t rule it out for the future as I have no negatives to share. 

This was initially purchased to go in my professional kit as my key setting powder but it wasn’t long until I realised it wasn’t good enough to use on my clients. I really really dislike this product. I don’t think you can say its a translucent powder because there is a very slight white ghostly film to it. Another very fine milled powder but the texture feels slippery to touch, it reminds me of a very slippery silicone based primer that has that slimy feel to it. 

I don’t think it sets very nicely to me it sits in lines which is what you don’t want for a powder. I decided to keep it for myself so I could use it whilst practising looks but I truly hate it. I used it the other day to set my eyelids after applying concealer & it felt bitty, the eyeshadows did not blend well so I decided enough was enough it’s going to the bin. 

This was a superb purchase from Elf a few years ago, it’s the cool toned correcting powder. I could have finished this up but for the sake of hygiene I am going to say goodbye & hopefully get a new one if they still do it. The powder blends really well on the skin though you don’t want to use too much. For me this was my finishing powder & I loved using this, it was on the verge of being a holy grail to be honest. 

It is quite a powdery formula so you do want to tap off the excess but as far as using the product I have never had any issues it was a pure joy to use & incredibly budget friendly. 

The Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte powder is something I carry in my pro kit & has just been replaced with brand new ones. I introduced these I guess two years ago now firstly because I carry the Healthy Mix Serum Foundations & also because at the time I wasn’t sure which pressed powder to buy.  

I really love the way these finish a look & set everything in place though you do have to be light handed or they can look cake. You may think I have barely touched them but that is because of having to be light handed, of course I could continue using these considering how much product is there but for the safety of my clients I must act responsibly & replace them now they have open for two years but I have already repurchased them in four shades & will continue to do so until I find something as good if not better. 
I hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx


2 thoughts on “Makeup Clear Out – Face Powder 

  1. Great job once again on decluttering! I’ve got that same Elf powder which I’ve barely touched.
    The Bourjois Healthy Balance powders are fantastic – so good of you to replace them to use on your clients. Very responsible indeed!
    I’ve got SO many face powders but I figure they don’t really go “bad” per se so I’m just working my way through them all. Many of the powders I have remain unopened in my stash. I’ve honestly probably got enough face powders for the rest of my life! :P

    1. I have to get the Elf again you need to use it its superb. Most powders are OK if you spray them with them with isopropyl but definitely not worth taking the risks with my clients it’s fine for me, I hate it when you get that layer of dried oil on them though my Rimmel has got it but I need to scrap it off though I have a feeling it fell down the side of my bed the other day!

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