Star Product Of The Week 

I cannot believe this is week 7 of my Star Product Of The Week!  This is going to be the last week as I want to find more great products to share that I love over the next few weeks so from next week I am going to start a mini series of products I love to use at night.

I was gifted these two amazing products from my Mum they are the Pillow Mist & Temple Balm from the Champneys Good As New range. Relaxing is a massive part of my life I have to find ways to switch off it doesn’t come naturally to me, I am an anxiety sufferer, though now under control 95% of the time but I still have to find ways to unwind & stay levelled. This was a perfect gift from my Mum & I am not entirely sure how well thought it she realised it was so I am very grateful. 

Both products smell incredible & have notes of lavender, geranium & chamomile so the scent is absolutely perfect for relaxing the mind & body. I have found myself reaching for this when I feel poorly or have a dreaded migraine which at the moment are weekly so I massage the balm gently into my temples along my jawline behind the ears & onto my wrists. It’s a beautiful experience taking in the scent it makes me feel calm, my imagination takes me to a place of laying in a field of flowers on a warm sunny day with a gentle breeze, that probably sounds bizarre but flowers make me happy so it’s a happy place for me. 

This doesn’t take away the pain of a migraine or feeling poorly but for me it helps me to cope & feel a sense of calm so I am thoroughly enjoying the balm & will definitely be buying a backup or two.

The Pillow Mist is the exact same scent but I do not actually use this to spritz onto my pillow I tend to spray it on my clothing in the evening so I can breath it in as I start my wind down process way before bedtime. There are times where I haven’t used this in the evening & I am still randomly awake at 1am that I will reach for this & spray my bedding / pillow, I do genuinely find that this helps me to drift off.

I am sad to say that this mist is no longer available as far as I can see online which I am gutted about, though I wonder if it come out again later thus year when the gifting season begins again, but I won’t give up searching for it as this is also something I would like to repurchase. 

In the meantime does anyone know of a mist that is made up of lavender, geranium & chamomile that I can get hold of? I feel the combination of these fragrances are perfect to relax me.

I hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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