Makeup Clear Out – Lipglosses 

I have been putting this off for a while as I find it too difficult to let go of makeup I have purchased some of which I have not used so a sense of guilt kicks in! I would say I have a lot of things I need to pass with either because I am genuinely never going to use them, I have too many of a similar product or it has just gone & needs to be thrown. 

I started with the easy drawer, lipgloss! This is not everything that could go from this category but it’s a start which is the main thing.

I managed to part with 12 lipglosses it should have been 15 but 3 made it back into my drawer, oppsie. Lipgloss is the one makeup product I am not a huge fan of but somehow I have accumulated many over the past 3 years. I cannot stand sticky glosses your hair sticks to & sheer glosses I like pigmentation in a product,  I like the colour to be seen.

Forgive me for the photos I wanted to get them done & out the way so I used artificial light personally I prefer photographing in daylight but I couldn’t wait any longer.

First up were the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, I picked these up 3 years ago I think. The formulation between these two were very different So Hap Pink was more gloss like yet the Don’t Pink Of It swatched like a true matte. I am sad to say goodbye to Don’t Pink Of It so I am going to make a repurchase list to conquer in the future so this will go on there. It’s definitely a shade I would wear I just forgot all about it. 

If I had to be annoyed with myself about one of these it would be about the L’Oréal Eve gloss. I love this colour I went through a lilac phase two years ago so picked it up but of course never used it. This smelt so off & even made my skin feel irritated after swatching, so a waste. This felt like a thick gloss as I swatched it something I would have got  on with but alas I never touched it. This shall be going on my repurchase list.

This is from Wild About Beauty it was actually a free product I got in a goody bag 3 years ago now I think. A very sheer gloss called Rosy but actually this was more of a nude. In my opinion this would never be a wear alone gloss it would be more suited on top of a lipstick. It will not be a repurchase as it wasn’t ready me.

I am gutted about throwing out the Gerard Cosmetics Butter Cream it was more of a liquid lipstick style product. I wore this all the time when I first got it 100% handbag staple which I applied everyday, I guess when I moved onto something else I never gave it much thought that one day this would go off. The gloss has a mirror on the side & a light in the lid to make applying easier though I found the light irritating. I really really love this shade & formulation of the product so on the repurchase list this goes.

As we start to come to an end the next batch that went to the bin were the Mally Liquid Lipsticks. I do still have 3 in my collection which are OK but these particular shades I was not fussed about so saying goodbye was easy. The product has been formulated to be a primer, lipstick & gloss in one,  I love the way these apply on the lips they are really thick in texture yet they glide on & feel really comfortable to wear. The one thing I didn’t like about the product is they do feel slippery but I can just about get past that because the pigmentation is really good. I won’t be repurchasing these shades but I will happily repurchase the product when my favorite shades need replacing. 

I did have 3 more NYX to add to the pile but they were still OK & shades I would wear so they went back to the drawer. These are mostly the Butterglosses which I do not like in the slightest there’s barely any colour pay off & the formula seems really thin, Antwerp is a matte but not a shade I would wear. I remember I started buying these when there was a big hype in the Blogger & YouTube community,  it’s funny how we give into temptations when something is being spoken about so much. I think it’s safe to say none of these will be featuring on a repurchase list.

So to recp out of 12 products 3 are on my repurchase list which I guess is not too bad but my dealbreaker to myself is I need to clear out alot more lipglosses & lipsticks before I even contemplate making more purchases. I also need to come up with a plan start wearing more lip products so I cut back on wastage, maybe I need a schedule?! 

I hope you liked the post guys,  much love y


2 thoughts on “Makeup Clear Out – Lipglosses 

  1. I’m making an effort this year to declutter too! I agree, lip glosses are probably the easiest to declutter. :P
    I have to be in a “ruthless” mood to declutter or else I waffle on some items too (“Oh I loved this, surely I’ll use it again now that I’ve remembered I own it!”)
    You did well! I know it’s not the intended effect but I want to try the Bourjois Rouge Edition lip glosses…
    I understand so well about all the temptations from blogs and YT – I’ve mostly stayed away from the NYX glosses as I know I’ll buy them and promptly not use them!

    1. I really have to be in the mood for a declutter I did some more this week but it’s minimum but I know when I look at my blusher drawer I am going to find it very hard! On a plus side the things I love that need to be thrown will be repurchased but only when I have used more products up 😊

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