Beauty Advent Calendar Openings – Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of the calendar openings. 

Today is the first day where I am not keen on either calendar offerings but that is fine you can’t always like everyday I am grateful for what I have received so far so I cannot be too disappointed. 

Paul & Joe gave me another cat eyeshadow,  this one is definitely more gold than yesterday’s which I would say was definitely more bronze. 

The swatch is based on three heavy swipes, again I think this would be a lovely wash of colour & perhaps another lovely highlight too. 

Today M&S provided a very generous 50ml size of the classic Alpha H liquid gold. For me I personally do not like this product I had it 3 years ago & I swear this was the reason why my patch of pigmentation appeared under my right eye at the top of my cheek.  I literally used this 1 or 2 nights & the patch appeared. 

Anyways for those who don’t know this is an exfoliating treatment with 5% glycolic acid.  It’s not to be used every night & it’s recommended you use it alone.  I am sure there are many people this product would work for but for me it was a big no no so this will be finding a new home. 

I hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx

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