Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation (or is it)


I purchased the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation probably about 18 months ago after seeing a demo of it being applied, it looked absolutely beautiful & dewy with great coverage so I thought I would try it out as I liked the sound of this & fancied achieving a nice healthy glow.

My skintype is generally normal now but with slight episodes of combination down my t-zone certainly in the hotter months. I found after application, which by the way was very easy to blend, my skin instantly looked “sweaty” not glowy. Even after setting with powder the foundation never felt fully set & if anything the powder made it looked layered & verging on cakey. In my experience it oxidised within an hour of wear so it became two shades too dark for me. I could feel that I was wearing t the foundation which I just hate,  for me there is nothing worse than feeling a slimy layer on your face.

Unfortunately the coverage did not hold up, I always wear a primer so I know that was not the issue. By midday on days when I did wear it I looked like a hot mess, my red chin was on show, my nose looked like the foundation had slipped off & it even looked patchy on my cheeks which very rarely happens to me when wearing foundation. I did try this a few more times but I just could not get it to work for me so it has now been laid to rest in the bin!

Such a shame as I had such great hopes for this Foundation.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


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