Why Art Thou Playing Up


My skin is one of my pride & joys I do everything in my power to keep it looking & feeling good I refuse to age ungracefully so it is not unknown for me to splash the cash in that department. Of course no one really needs to use all the expensive products out there but I atleast want to try & keep things in order.

I have never had any skin concerns just the normal hormonal spots each month so I have been very lucky. However about two months ago I noticed these little spots under the skin along my right jawline appear, it was quite a cluster & was emphasised more from wearing makeup. I am not going to lie but it really upset me because I couldn’t pin point exactly what was causing it. I had started to use quite a few new skincare products particularly two different facial sprays with hyaluronic acid, which is to keep the skin hydrated but I have a horrible feeling this is where my problem began. I immediately cut out everything new I had started to use & really concentrated on cleansing more thoroughly & sticking to an absolute basic of eye cream & face cream. Still my skin was not clearing up so I had to think fast of what to try before it got worse, by this point it was coming up on my other jawline & around my nose.

I had heard about Cetaphil infact I have watched many YouTube videos from American bloggers who swear by the product. Designed to help people with eczema this is a very gentle formula so I decided to give it a chance. Alongside the cleanser I have been using La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo designed to unblock pores & clear blemishes. I have been using the cleasner definitely in the evenings every night doing a double cleanse & most mornings & the La Roche Posey in my morning routine after cleansing but before moisturiser. Literally within two weeks my skin has cleared up & back to where it used to be.

I am really pleased with the results though I doubt I will need to continue with the La Roche Posey I will continue to use the cleanser & will make a repurchase when the time comes. Both products are available in Boots & other outlets online.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


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