Becca Ombre Nudes Palette


You can never go wrong with a gorgeous nude palette! Am I right in saying that there are so many nude palettes available these days it is getting quite hard to choose which one is the right one for you?!

I picked this baby up probably around 18 months ago, I got it from Space NK before it really became known & I have loved it since the moment I picked it up. I have owned lots of different palettes particularly before I purchased this one but somehow this is the one that really kick started my eye shadow looks. I am pretty sure this is the palette I used when I created my first smokey eye with on myself.



I think one of the best things about this palette is that all the shades are matte, though maybe a light shimmer shade would have been nice as an additional option to put in the middle of your lid to give the look a pop. All the shadows feel buttery & smooth, the pigmentation is good on all of them I think the only complaint I would have is the ivory shade certainly when I swatched it with my finger was a little on the bitty side it didn’t swatch as smoothly as the other shades.

One of the reasons why I fell in love with this palette was because they blended so seamlessly it literally took no effort at all to create a quick smokey look. It was like the shadows did all the work for you rather than saying the brush did all the work for you.


I have really got myself into the mood of playing with these shadows again, I think I may actually incorporate a ivory or gold shimmery shade with this too.

I would personally say if you have been torn on which nude palette to pick up that you give this one a go not only for the fact these are lovely neutral mattes but for the fact the bendability is absolutely amazing. The packaging is great too it has a very sturdy case that securely clips into place.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx




Though it has now occurred to me that I have not used this for a while so I must make a note to keep this out so I can create some great looks in preparation for Autumn.




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