MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation


Gosh how long is the name on this foundation!

Hmm I never thought I would buy this, when it was first released I was like yep let me get hold of this baby then I decided I wouldn’t as I thought I was getting swept up into the hype. Of course whilst I was in London recently I popped into the MAC store & grrr picked one up!

I decided to document the first few days of wearing it as I can usually tell after a few days if it’s for me or not. So firstly here are some pictures of me after it has been freshly applied. The shade I chose was NC20 & my skintype currently is normal to combination.




I have been using the same face cream & eye cream throughout, Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream & Bobbi Brown eye cream I have just been using slightly different primers.

Day 1

I decided to put my Urban Decay B6 prep spray a go, it’s for those who suffer with red skin & pores, I then used the Makeup Forever HD primer. Application of the foundation was off the back of my hand with a beauty blender. I found that using a beauty blender was not the best choice I don’t feel I got the desired amount of coverage especially with the small amount people say you only need. The foundation definitely did not cover my dark circles, I was actually going to buy a pro longwear concealer but was told by MAC I wouldn’t need one though in my head I was think we’ll see.

I feel that once the foundation settled it looked nice on the skin though I did feel like I was wearing a foundation. The finish was dewy I feel & I decided I would not set it with a powder to see how it wore.

By midday I could see & feel abit of oiliness around the nose which I did not touch up. The general wear of Foundation did look OK by mid afternoon. By the end of my working day I had been wearing it for 10.5 hours & there was alot of redness on my chin & nose peering through.

Day 2

I decided that I would try a different primer so I used trusty Laura Geller neutralising spackle, I still used the same Urban Decay prep spray beforehand. My nose did feel oily again during the day, by the time I was driving home my nose did look shiny, the face was looking pretty awful & it certainly was not something I could wear out. The he redness also appeared again on my chin but not so much on my cheeks, my undereyes looked awful so tired & dry looking. I was not happy at all to be honest.

I forgot to say that for application I used a buffing brush this time.

Day 3

On this last day I decided to go cold turkey on the Urban Decay prep spray & the primer. I used a buffing brush again & stippled on an extra layer on my cheeks & chin. I found after 10.5 hours wear I only ahad slight amount of redness on my chin nothing really on my cheeks, my nose looked shiny but the bridge of my nose wasn’t oily to touch though the sides of my nostrils were quite oily. My skin coverage looked pretty awful but I do wonder if a facial mist would bring some life into it….

So I have come to the conclusion that I really like the initial look of the skin after application but after 5 hours wear it just looks awful. It will not be a repurchase or a foundation I wear daily however it is one I will probably wear of an evening that has been freshly applied before I go out. So disappointed with this product.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


7 thoughts on “MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

  1. How disappointing, especially for a product that’s called Longwear! Perhaps you can mix this with another foundation to get the best of both worlds to use it up?
    The Pro Longwear concealer has the most frustrating dispensing mechanism – way too much product comes out! So much waste. The formula is just ok, it lasts well but can look dry under the eye area.

    1. Hey, I wondering what I could mix it with I do have a new Rimmel longwear Foundation I need to try but if it’s longwear it could work so thanks for the tip.
      Oh my days that concealer drives me mad! I like the product but that packaging is a nightmare I also end up with too much too it’s such a waste. I try to really moisture under my eyes but I know what you mean, I find it can go cakey :-/ x

  2. So nice to read a thorough and honest review!
    I was tempted to try this due to it being waterproof but I think I will give it a miss after hearing your thoughts.
    Lucie. xo

    1. Ah thanks lovely I try to be pretty straight about what I have used, I wonder if MAC do samples or you could go for a cheeky makeup & see how well it lasts in you, I am pretty disappointed though I did expect better x

      1. Studio Fix was the first one I tried some 7 years ago, doesn’t agree with my combination-oily skin, breaks me out, ends up greasy and oxidises a LOT. My favourite is Studio Sculpt which gives a satin-matte finish and amazing coverage! X

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