Bourjois Colorband


I just love it when,makeup brands bring out such quick & convenient products.

With exception to the black pencil I have had these in my makeup collection for a while waiting to be used. Recently I have really got in to using eye pencils just to make it quick & easy to pull a look together. Although these are a pain that you have to sharpen them I loving them so far.



What I find great about these is they set & once they are on they are on, the only downside to them setting is you have to work pretty quick if you want to blend out the edges.

So the shades I have are Noir Abstrait which I cannot wait to use the pigmentation of this black is incredible so much so it’s a nightmare to wash off your hand after swatching! I have only worn a black by itself once which was a Maybelline Colour Tattoo but I just love the thought of a sweep of black across the lid & blended out on the edges.

The next shade is Beige minimal which swatching really nicely but on the lid it is just awful. It doesn’t glide on very well, it goes all bitty & dries down into a right mess so this pencil will be making it’s way to the bin.

Then I have Mauve which is my absolute favourite & a shade I have been wearing the most. It is definitely becoming one of my most reached for products. What I love about this is you can do a slight wash of colour or you pop on 2/3 layers & really build up the intensity & make it as dark as you want.

The last shade I have is Rose Fauviste which I don’t believe I have worn yet but I hope the formula & application is good I would be gutted it turned out like Beige Minimal.


I find that there is a severe lack of colour choices which surprises me alot as these are genuinely really great pencils well the Mauve definitely is. I really feel Bourjois are missing a trick here by limiting the choice I just hope these are popular enough where they would consider expanding the selection.

I would definitely recommend these I have a feeling these are waterproof too so an all round thumbs up from me.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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