My Current Favourite Brushes


I decided a few short months ago that I needed to start doing eye makeup on myself more as I do it on my clients being a makeup artist but I have never got into on myself. Now I know the technique & how to blend really well I decided to invest in some eye brushes for myself.


I picked up a great brush a year or two ago at an Estee Lauder outlet store, it is the MAC 234. I don’t think you can get this at the MAC store anymore but if you can track it down I recommend it. It is double sided, one side is good for laying down the product & the other side is like a blending brush. Before I picked up more brushes this was pretty much my only go to brush.



It took me an age to get on board with the MAC 217 I decided that I needed to find a great alternative, I tried fluffy blending brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics which I loved until after a few deep clean washes they lost their shape, the brush texture went wirey & they just weren’t blending the products well.

I was in the Estee Lauder outlet store again a few weeks ago & saw they had the MAC 217 which is so rare so I managed to get the last one & I love it. What a huge improvement this brush is on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics. The MAC makes blending completely seamless.


The last brush I picked up from the Estee Lauder outlet is from Clinique. I have never used their brushes before & I was intrigued, I certainly loved the way it looked & felt in my hand, slightly weighted but very comfortable to hold.

The brush is so easy to work with I will definitely be picking up more of these.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


6 thoughts on “My Current Favourite Brushes

  1. I have ALL 3 of these brushes – and I agree, they’re great! I find the Clinique one just a tiny bit scratchy, but I do really enjoy the metal handle – it feels nice in the hand.
    I love the shape of the 234 but I still haven’t figured out which side is best for cream products and which side is for powder? I’m guess the black side if for powder / blending.. but not sure!
    And the 217 is a classic – I’ll never be without one! I have lots of 217-type dupes from other brands too.

    1. I don’t think my Clinique one is scratchy gutted yours is though must be a bad batch :-/ I have never thought about using the 234 for cream products I would probably say the brown side for cream. x

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