Blush Rediscovery – NYX & Sleek Makeup


Over recent months I have tried to whittle down my ever growing makeup collection & these blushes were part of the cut simply because I have so many blushers particularly ones that are in my opinion better.


How vibrant are these little beauties.

I recently started going back through my bag of products I had put to one side & started to pick out bits that maybe I had been too quick to set aside.


All of these blushes are highly pigmented you literally only have to tap your brush into the blush & sweep over the cheeks but ensuring you blend them in well. I have mainly been using Natural & I am absolutely loving it I am really pleased I picked this back out. Because you only need to pick up a little product this is going to last for ages.


These are just one swipe from each blush can you see how crazy pigmentated they are now you can see why you only need a tap of the brush.

I would be interested in picking up a NYX neutral shade something taupe based, can anyone recommend anything in particular?

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx

2 thoughts on “Blush Rediscovery – NYX & Sleek Makeup

    1. I have always been tempted but taupe but thanks for the heads up, I have a feeling I may take you up on your recommendation for mauve & raisin :-) x

Please feel free to comment :-) x

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