MAC Studio Finish Concealer


I have decided to pull these concealers back out from hiding & do my best to work through them. I picked these up a while back but I never used them much & ended up buying other concealers so I forgot about them.


I was always confused with MAC’s shade range so I ended up buying NW & NC20 though I am mostly using NW20 as it seems like a better colour match.


I wish that I had grabbed these back out sooner as I certainly never appreciated before how lovely these concealers are. I recently started to use my Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer but if I am honest I like the corrector but not the concealer so this MAC rediscovery has gone down very well.


The formula is lovely & creamy I generally let it sit on my fingers for a few seconds before applying so the heat softens them up, they glide on really well & blend like a dream. I try to tap the product in rather than wiping it under my eyes. I have noticed that now I am using my Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream the concealer does not crease or look cakey.

I do really like the product & would potentially re-purchase this again if I don’t find too many other concealers in my stash I totally love I already have 2 others I would buy again.

Has anyone else been using this?

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


4 thoughts on “MAC Studio Finish Concealer

  1. I used to use this ages ago – I’m NC20 in this – primarily for under eye, and while it covers really well, I found it was too drying over time so I stopped using it. The MAC makeup artist suggested that I switch to MoistureCover (which I think is discontinued) but it was not enough coverage. I’ve since moved on from MAC concealers but I’m now contemplating getting this again since it was a really good concealer. I would wear over the Bobbi Brown corrector which is a bit too emollient for me.

    1. I have heard that the new Urban Decay Naked concealer is really good & pigmented may be worth a little look if your not sure trying the MAC again, I am definitely going to get the UD at somepoint but I must finish some other concealers first :-/ x

    1. I forgot I had one for ages then suddenly realised I needed to use it before the expiry it’s still going strong even though I am using it everyday x

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