Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow Duo


In recent months I have been trying to use eyeshadow more often as I love the way it makes my eyes pop. A year or so ago my sister bought me an eyeshadow pencil I had been lusting over from Wild About Beauty & it has been something I have been reaching for alot over the last few weeks.


One end is a pencil style tip which is great for lining the eyes & the other end is a jumbo sized pencil which is what I use the most for allover the lid & blend in.


The pencil is more of a purple tone whereas the jumbo end has tones of purple but comes off more as a grey on the lid. For me personally it is not very longlasting but I think that is more to do with having oily lids so I really need to try it out with a lid primer.

I am really starting to love eyeshadow pencils as they are so easy to use & there is a great choice on the market these days.

I have used both ends together & lining the eyes really brings a new dimension to the look. I may have a peek to see what other shades are available & I am definitely going to experiment more with pairing this with other shadows.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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