Lancome Longwear Eyeshadow Base


One is not amused & I could kick myself! You know those moments where you really want a product but instead of getting the brand & product you want you get something elsewhere which costs more & was pap – yep that’s what happened here sigh.

Last summer I wanted to pick up the MAC painterly paint pot but I didn’t get round to buying it until some time later instead whilst I was on holiday I thought I would pick up the Lancome equivalent in beige porcelain for £5 more, why who knows but the colour & tone looked lovely.


The problem I have with this is it really doesn’t blend well on my eyelids it breaks up as you try & blend it, it looks like a hot mess. It doesn’t work well for me as a base for shadows it is horrible.


The problem I have is that even if I sanitised it & put it in my pro makeup kit I cannot guarantee it will work on others & I stick to a rule that I will only use products on people that I would use on myself.

I definitely need to be more careful when I buy products now as I wasted over £20, of course I have written it off as a life lesson but it’s definitely annoying. I think it is safe to say I personally wouldn’t recommend it but then again everyone has different types of skin etc so this may work great for others but as a side note my eyelids tend to be a little oily in case that helps with any decision making.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


4 thoughts on “Lancome Longwear Eyeshadow Base

  1. Thanks for this review and warning. I’ve read negative reviews for both this one and the Estee Lauder eye shadow base. I guess I’ll stick with my MAC Paint Pots!

    1. MAC is such a better price in comparison I am just shocked at the opposite in quality I would have expected Lancome to be amazing. That’s interesting to know about Estee Lauder too I will stay clear of them x

    1. I thought it was just me so glad I wasn’t going mad I assumed it didn’t agree with slightly oily eyelids, so disappointing I am never straying from MAC paint pots again x

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