Urban Decay Naked Basics


I am a sucker for palettes especially as & when they come out I get a huge urge to buy & stash away for a day when I may use them, it’s a very strange habit I have got into. When the Basics 2 came out last year I really really wanted it but it occurred to me I have only used the original Basics maybe 3 times, terrible I know. So I begrudgingly said to myself I could not get the Basics 2 now I would have to wait until I used this one more, yep that’s right im getting strict with myself & about time too.


I always knew this was a fantastic mult-task palette so I have decided throughout the whole of February I am only to reach for this to not only do a simple eye shadow look im going to line my eyes with crave & use a mix of Naked 2 & Faint for my brows, I generally only use a pencil for my brows so it will be good to teach myself how to do them differently.

Last year I started to do a products I must use up each month which worked well but I want to have more flexibility this time so I think I will just select 2 products a month.

I have been meaning to reach for this palette for a while but seeing as I am trying to get into doing eye makeup on myself more this is a great palette to get started with.

I would love to read any reviews on this from others / see any looks you have created so please leave a link below.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Basics

  1. I use this palette all the time, and it is brilliant. Just a really good go to palette when you are in a rush and need to be out the door in a hurry. You know that with these shades you just cant go wrong.


    1. I can’t believe I put this to one side, doing my brows with powder feels really alien at the moment I feel like I have forgotten how to do them so using a little bit of pencil too but hopefully I will be a pro soon :-) xx

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