Concealer Comparisons


I decided I would try & do a few concealer comparisons as I have a lot of different brands & types so I picked out a few to start with. I will no doubt do another post on this again soon.

Unfortunately I am someone who sufferers from really bad dark circles, each day they look different some days they are really dark & others they are not quite as bad. I am always on the look out for a concealer that will bring the right amount of coverage & lightness to the area but I am starting to discover that one product is not going to do it all & I need to look at layering the products. For the purpose of maybe helping out others to make a decision on these particular concealers I have picked I have done before & after shots so you can see on me what the level of coverage is like.


I have recently pulled out of my collection the Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector, as it is applied to only moisturised skin there is a little bit more lightness & slight coverage but this definitely works a lot better on top of foundation. I have actually been using this on a daily basis in my routine & it does work well once foundation has cancelled out most of the darkness & it is a very moisturising product it is just not brilliant for me personally on its own.


The Benefit Fake Up concealer is something I have had for a while I was never sure about it to start with & I am still not now. It is lovely & moisturising but it feels like there is too much moisture there & not enough concealer. I think for such an expensive concealer it does not live up to expectations of covering darkness. It claims to be crease free but from past experiences this still creased on me but I am going to start using it again to finish it up but I may layer it under something else & then set it into place with powder to hopefully prevent the creasing.


I didn’t need to buy this e.l.f concealer at all but I was intrigued to see what the quality would be like as sometimes cheaper brands produce amazing products so I picked this up in one of their 50% off offers they run quite often. I have only used this a couple of times & I would say that you need to build the coverage to get that “maximum cover” it claims on the front of the packaging. I like the product & I can see that this would be buildable so I think I will put this to the test over a week period. It claims to cover birth marks, blemishes, scars e.t.c I am not convinced it can cover birth marks but blemishes I think it could. I have a pigmentation mark on my face so I will see how well I can get it to cover that.


I really do not get the hype with the NARS concealer, I purchased it wanting it anyway but so many people like so many rave about this but it is just not what I was expecting. I think it doesn’t help that I picked up Light 1 which is too light for me so that was annoying but I a not sure I like it. It looks OK in the picture but when I look at myself in the mirror I still see darkness around my eyes. I wanted to try a different shade but I am not sure I was to spend the money yet in case I really still dislike this so I guess I was continue trying to get on board with it but it definitely is not something I reach for. I think for me if I am going to spend money on a concealer in the higher price range then it really needs to compare / be on par to the MAC Pro Longwear which I love.


The last concealer I picked out is the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser which for me is a re-purchase but not for the reasons you may be thinking. I first bought this a year ago but the sponge just looked gruppy & I could not get out of my head it was so unhygienic so I threw it out but back in the summer I decided I wanted to try it again so I picked it up in light & pulled the sponge off. I have not used it much yet but looking at the picture it does provide a good level of coverage in fact it is the best out of all of these concealers. The texture is a good consistency it is not runny in the slight but not too thick that you cannot work with it. I took the smallest of amounts & just blended with my fingers. I think this is going to be one of my favourites so I just need to finish off the products that I am not so keen on & find my staple concealers but I think this will be one of them.

As a note these are all very moisturising / hydrating & do not feel drying on the skin at all. I think the Garnier BB Cream is going to be one for me to use in the summer when you naturally look more healthy & relaxed.

I hope you liked the post guys xx


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