Laqa & Co Fairy Blood Fat Lip Pencil


Hey guys

I am back with another disappointing product instalment. This week is the Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencil which I picked up about this time last year, I spotted it in the sale I think on Feel Unique & the colour looked really pretty a nice rose-pink so I was keen to pick it up & add to my collection. Now I am pretty certain that unless you have purchased a lip balm product then generally there is some kind of colour pay off on lip products, apparently not in this case. The pencil feels very balmy but there is no colour pay off what so ever, this is the most rubbish lip pencil I have ever come across. Even if you keep swiping it on the back of your hand only a very slight colour comes through & I think everyone knows by now that the colour that transfers to your lips is generally different from a swatch.

Left is 1 swipe, right is 10 swipes

3 1

I am so glad I did not buy this as full price as they are around £15 I think. Seriously what a load of shite, just don’t bother, spend your money on something decent.

Much love guys xx


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