Dove Purely Pampering Bath Cream

Earlier in the summer I went away on holiday to the Lake District & my goal was to use the time for some down time to recharge my batteries & think about a few things. The house we were staying in had a bath which is a rare thing for me as my house has 2 showers so as a rule I do tend to get excited at the prospect of having a bath as & when.

I didn’t have anything in my beauty bag which I could really use as bath cream, though the first night I used it I did improvise & used some of my Emma Hardie Moringa Balm which truly is a product you can use for many things. I popped into the local Boots & picked up this Dove Pampering Bath Cream.


I have already been using the Shea Butter Dove soap so I knew I loved the fragrance. It’s a soft & subtle vanilla scent which is wonderful as I tend to really dislike vanilla but this is a very light scent. I have really fallen back in love with Dove products I always used to use them but for last 2/3 years I have been sidetracked with other brands, more expensive brands however it just goes to show that you can get very good quality at affordable prices. My skin is so incredibly soft from using Dove but even more so now that I have been soaking myself in it. I already have the shower cream in my stash so once I have used up more of my current products I will definitely be using Dove a lot more. Every time I go back to Dove it always amazes me how great & conditioned my skin feels.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


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