Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes


Hey guys

Like most people I own some Real Techniques brushes, well I say some I have 3 buffing brushes, an expert face brush, a powder brush & 3 specific sets & now this new set to add to my ever-growing makeup brush collection. I picked up the Sam’s picks collection around the new year & I have recently been using the multi task brush a lot. I have actually found it is the only brush that works with the L’Oreal Nude Magique foundation of which I did a thumbs down review on but since that review & since using this fantastic brush the foundation works really well. I decided I had to get another of these brushes but unfortunately you cannot buy it on its own so I picked up the Travel Essentials set.



I have been hovering over the set for a few weeks umming & arghing because I really have no need for more brushes but I am the sort of girl that once I have found an amazing product / item I have to get a spare especially when it comes to brushes, it just means when one is in the wash the other can be used.


The multi task brush is described to be best used with powder, blush or bronzer but it was actually YouTuber Lauren Curtis I saw using this with liquid foundation & as soon as I tried it myself I was hooked so that is my main use for this brush – it’s amazing.


The domed brush in this set is a tapered brush which smoothly applies shadows & defines the eyes. I personally use mine for cream eyeshadows like the colour tattoos, I just use the brush to push / tap them onto the eye lid & to build up coverage.


It has been a good couple of years since I have used my original foundation brush as a rule I just don’t like them but that is because my preference has always been a buffing brush or the expert face brush. I will use this now for concealer work I think & with quite thin liquid foundations so I will see how I get in with this.

You can get Real Techniques at a lot of good retailers now, I picked this up at TK Maxx as it was £5 cheaper than the RRP at £14.99. I love the Real Techniques sets I think they are great for new starters into the world of makeup who are wanting some decent brushes for reasonable prices.

Hope you like the post guys, much love x


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