Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick


A while ago I made a cheeky little Charlotte Tilbury wish list, I knew at some point I would make this list become a reality so when I popped into Selfridges for the first time ever I made a beeline for the counter to go look at all the pretties.  I decided to have a makeover whilst I was in there as I was really interested in the foundation. One thing led to another & I came away with a bag of goodies, there was a few more bits I wanted but I had to cap the spending somewhere, I will do a post on my splurge at some point but for now lets focus on the sexy little lipstick called Bitch Perfect.


I love the name of this lipstick it always put a smile on my face. I was actually interested in two of the lipsticks this one & Nude Kate but I felt Nude Kate didn’t really show up very well on me so it seemed like a waste of money to buy something that didn’t stand out but I stuck with Bitch Perfect as it looks lovely on.


I feel this has a slight pink undertone, the finish feels matte & look a little matte but it has very small shimmer particles. I personally find the feel of this lipstick a little drying which is disappointing to be honest, I was hoping it would feel nice & moisturising as it is enriched with tree extract to smooth & protect. I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy another shade based on the feeling of this one however I am interested in purchasing the matching lip liner called Lip Cheat & also the lip gloss called Sweet Stiletto. I recently saw a post on the Sweet Stiletto & it is from that which has made me really want the gloss to pair over the lipstick.


I have to say in real life this looks a little more pinky whereas here it seems more nude. I guess it is a nice lipstick in that it does not break up on my lips I tend to find matte lipsticks never last long on me & to go all patchy.

I hope you like the post guys, it would be great to know who else has some items from Charlotte Tilbury. x


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