Doll 10 Lipsticks


If you are a lipstick junkie like me you will love these from Doll 10 Cosmetics, the brand is only available at QVCUK but there is definitely a good selection of products to choose from. I love these two boxsets I love it when brands make an effort to package

Key To My Heart, Show Me The Ring, I Heart You & Naughty N Nice

This was more of a purchase based on the fact the packaging of the lipsticks are so cute & they come with a little charm attached to the lid I thought they would be a nice little keepsake but thankfully the lipsticks are also very lovely colours & are incredibly wearable. I love lipsticks that are pink toned which is Doll 10 all over. There are no garish colours from this brand they are all very pretty & soft.

I would say that my favourite shades out of this set are Key To My Heart & Show Me The Ring though I would quite happily also wear Naughty N Nice. These feel so soft & moisturising on the lips they have actually been made to be hydrating & they do feel so incredible. It is really refreshing to have a lipstick that does not feel dry after an hour or so.

Lipsticks – A-list, Formal Affair, Nude Attitude & Pretty Pleased Lipglosses – In The Spotlight, Picture Perfect, Guilty Pleasure & Off The Shoulder

This set is called the Irresistible 8 Piece Lip Wardrobe & it is very clever the way it has been put together. The lipsticks & lipglosses can be used separately, mixed & matched or paired with the colour that has been recommended to go with each. My absolute favourite combination that I also carry in my handbag & wear quite often is Nude Attitude lipstick with Guilty Pleasure gloss it is such a beautiful rosey pink combination & looks gorgeous on. I personally would not wear the red lipstick or lipgloss as I am not a huge red fan but the rest are really nice colours.

I don’t tend to wear the glosses on their own in fact I don’t always wear the gloss over the lipstick but when I do it is such a perfect match, they are not sticky in the slightest & so incredibly glossy. Again these lipsticks are really comfortable to wear & are hydrating.

If you are not a huge lipstick fan but love the look of the glosses there is a set of 4 available on the QVCUK website though they are slightly different shades. I could definitely recommend these lip products.

I hope you like the post guys. x


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