Lilac Lipsticks – Avon, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, MUA


This post mixes two of my favourite things, lipsticks & lilac purples. My lipstick collection is epic & constantly growing & I realised that I had a few lilac purple shades which I also recently added to. I am trying to find the perfect makeup look to try & pull these shades off as a couple of them do look quite dark on & can change an innocent pretty look into quite vampy.

Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily, Avon Loving Lilac, MUA Lilac Belle, Avon Friday Violet, Benefit Lolli Tint

I received the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily last week as I was conscious that this is a limited edition & I really hate missing out on limited edition products. I did quite a bit of research before I bought this as I wanted to make sure the shade was just how I wanted it to be especially for the price tag but I am actually disappointed now I have it. It is darker than I expected I really thought it was going to be a subtle soft lilac which is what I have seen from other blogs but it is just a little too dark for my liking which I am gutted about.

The next lipstick is Avon Loving Lilac which is beautiful, it has a lovely glossy finish & glides on the lips really well. I would say this is more of an evening shade but still it is a lovely choice to make if you prefer to wear a glossy shade during the day.

I picked up the new MUA matte Lilac Belle after receiving an email from the brand advising of their new releases. Now for £1 I was wondering what the quality would be like but seeing as it was so cheap I grabbed one & just hoped for the best. Well what can I say this is such a gorgeous shade! It is in fact one of my favourite lipsticks out of these 5, it definitely gives a stunning pop of colour & unlike other matte lipsticks I own this does not break up on the lip & go all patchy, I am very impressed indeed.

My other favourite lipstick is another Avon which is from the Colour & Go range called Friday Violet. This is also quite a cheeky vibrant shade, it glides on with no problem & is just stunning. If you want to stand out from a crowd this is definitely the colour for you.

The last colour I have is the Benefit Lolli Tint, I was really disappointed with how this looks on the lip to be honest so this will be a product I use solely for the cheeks. Though I do believe Benefit will be bringing out a Lolli Tint balm in the summer so I will no doubt pick this up to see if that is more wearable than this product.

Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily, Avon Loving Lilac, MUA Lilac Belle, Avon Friday Violet, Benefit Lolli Tint

Hopefully these swatches will give a good indication of what these products & shades are like. I do still love lilac /purple & out of them all I am 100% in love with the MUA Lilac Belle & Avon Friday Lilac.

I would love to hear from anyone who also loves wearing these type of shades & if you have any recommendations for me?

Hope you liked the post guys. x


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