Much Needed Inspiration

For the most part of my life I can just roll with the punches, these days I find it far easier to stay positive & optimistic, that is who I want to be. But at the moment things are a little challenging with a pending redundancy & things not working out with someone I really care for I am feeling a little bit off balanced. I know I will get back on the straight & narrow very shortly but I need to inspire myself & to tell myself everything will be OK because it will be.

So with my pending redundancy this is the perfect time to start following my dreams & passions of working in makeup, training to be a makeup artist ultimately. I just feel a little lost with how to do it all. I want to work for myself I was planning on being up & running by early next year but now I have until the end of May to be making this possible so I have found a few pictures recently that really do ring home for me & every time I read them I feel what they are saying & believe in them. I would like to think that these images may also be an inspiration to others too.

IMG_0579 IMG_0383 IMG_0287 IMG_0554 IMG_0561 IMG_0577 IMG_0628 IMG_0588 IMG_0615 IMG_0594 IMG_0592 IMG_0595

If anyone has any words of wisdom or advice please get in touch I am trying to figure it all out but it is always good to have people around you pointing you in the right direction. x


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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