Decleor BB Cream


Last year I became a massive Decleor junkie & purchased a lot of their products as I wanted to change my skin care routine around a bit, one of the products I grabbed as soon as it was released was their hydra floral BB crème. The product provides 24 hours of hydration & is slightly tinted which can be built up on the face. The colour adapts to all skin tones so it is completely universal.

I am massively undecided on this product, I wore it twice last year & absolutely hated it. I have a pretty fair complexion & it just looks too dark on me it is really obvious I have something on my skin. But for a product that cost me the amount that it did I see that I have no choice but to use this up this year & just like it or put up with it. One thing I can say though is that it certainly delivers with the hydration so that’s a positive.



The crème is quite thick in texture, I find that I have to apply it very thinly to the face in stages otherwise you end up with patches of orange that are difficult to then blend in. The product claims to brighten & even out the complexion, I am not sure about the brighten part but it certainly makes you look very radiant & it sort of looks a little wet on the skin too especially straight after application. There is not a huge amount of coverage in respect that it won’t do anything for dark under eyes. Talking of eyes I tend to take my products over my eye lids as these tend to be dark but I found if I put too much on they stung which was not very pleasant.


So to give the best examples I could I taken a shot outside in very bright sunshine, so above is my before & below is after. You can see what I mean about the radiant wet look, it feels wet to touch too & can you see the colour difference between my face & neck….not good.



This shot is taken from about 3 weeks ago, I went away for the weekend & took 3 basic things, BB crème, concealer & mascara that is it. I used my fingers for this application & I was very careful how I applied this, it certainly looks better in this picture than the one above. I must point out actually whilst I remember the picture taken outside I used a Real Techniques buffing brush so maybe the key to using this product is to use your fingers so the warmth blends it in more naturally.

I will use this up maybe when it hits summer & its natural to have more of warmer skin tone but I know for a fact that this is not my favourite BB crème in fact I just don’t like it & I will not be buying this again. This was a bad judgement & foolish / expensive mistake to make in my opinion.

I would love to hear from anyone who has also used this product & what your thoughts are? Also what are you favourite BB crèmes at the moment?

I hope you liked the post guys. x


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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