Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer

To say I am an avid Laura Geller fan is an understatement, over the last year I have really taken a shine to her products & as a result I have been slowing building up my collection. I am not going to lie they are on the pricey side but to be fair the quality is out of this world, I just wished I could get hold of some of the products on her website but having said that that could be quite dangerous for my bank account.

I have been on quite a quest for the right concealer for so many years now that I am getting quite frustrated & bored with it. I may actually do a post on all the concealers I have as it is ridiculous.


So the Real Deal concealers really caught my eye they claim to improve the look of birth marks, scars & dark circles. You only need the tiniest amount as a little goes a long way & it is true. OK the packaging is so tiny & I think anyone would be disappointed to see the size of it when taking it out of the box but apparently these lasts for months purely because you need so little so that will be interesting to see how true this is.



The concealer is really thick & creamy, it’s a texture I have not felt before. I am still trying to get my head around this & use it to its best advantage because at the moment I am not getting the desired coverage but that is potentially down to the way I am applying it so I am trying out different techniques as this has to work to cover my dark circles!

2 1

I went in quite light handed with the concealer & applied the smallest amount but looking at the above image I am not happy with the coverage as I literally like my dark circles to be completely covered & absolutely flawless. There is no way I can give up on this product firstly because I bought one in light & medium & also because they are quite expensive.

I would be really interested to know if anyone has this product & what your thoughts are? Or what your favourite concealer is in general for covering dark circles?

Hope you liked the post guys. x


Please feel free to comment :-) x

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