Callie Rose Accessories Haul


I purchased a few items from Callie Rose Accessories a couple of months ago & I was really pleased with what I picked up so when I received an email 2 weeks ago advising of new items added to the website I couldn’t resist but pick up some more beautiful pieces.


How cute are the card backings that all of these rings are attached too, it’s always the little details in my eyes that make a product stand out.

I am really into heart items at the moment, it is probably because I am in a really happy place in my life at the moment & just want to spread the love. The above ring is really cute but unfortunately it is a little too small to wear on any of my fingers so I will more than likely add to this to a plain gold chain instead, but I will definitely keep the backing card as it is too cute.


I am not sure what it is at the moment but I feel really drawn to anything nautical related & as soon as I saw this anchor ring I knew there was no doubt in my mind I had to have it. The ring is really great quality & feel really sturdy, I am happy to say this does fit me perfectly so I am excited to wear this with my daily jewellery items.


Ever since I have seen the Love ring that Lauren Conrad wears I have been trying to hunt one down, for me it had to look a certain way & I am pleased to say this particular Love ring has hit the mark for me. I love it, it is so comfortable to wear.

These 3 rings cost me a grand total of £8.00 which hardly breaks the bank! If you want to check out what other bits you can buy here is a link to the website All Products Collection – Callie Rose Accessories. I think the pieces you can buy from the website are perfect for little gifts to yourself or for friends & family.

I already have my eye on some other pieces, in fact I am going to go & treat myself to them now :-)

I hope you like the post guys, if you want to see what I purchased last time here is a link; Callie Rose Accessories | Beauty As I Know It. x


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