QVCUK Beauty Bash 2014

15Being an avid QVCUK customer for a few years now I was pretty excited to receive a letter back in December telling me that I had qualified for two free tickets to the QVC Beauty Bash for this month. All I needed to do was call them up to say I definitely wanted to go & a few weeks later two tickets turned up. I have always wanted to go to this event so to say I am happy to get the tickets is an understatement.


The event was being held at Old Billingsgate Market in London over two days & a 3rd day was being held in conjunction with the Daily Mail which you could buy tickets for. Originally I was going to buy tickets for a friend & myself but unfortunately she could not get any more leave from work so I was so chuffed to get the letter to say I was selected. The days were split into two slots, I was selected for the 9.30-1pm which at first I was thinking would be quite an early start to get up to London & I would have to travel in the rush hour commute but me & my mum decided we would get to the event for about 10.30 which meant we missed all the commuters – phew.

As soon as I got to the event with my mum the first thing I decided to do was make a beeline for one the presenters, resident Beauty Expert Alison Young. She was kind enough to have a photo taken with me & a 5 minute chat, she was very lovely & was a highlight of my day. I would put the picture of us on here but I look awful so there is no chance I letting that go public! I also had another highlight & that was meeting Louise Redknapp the co-founder of Wild About Beauty. I adore Louise I have done for many years & to be honest is a girl crush of mine, I am old enough to remember when she was in girl band Eternal I used to sing along to all their songs getting ready for school. Louise was so sweet & lovely, she was also kind enough to have a picture taken with me too.

At the end of the event we were all given an incredible goody bag, there must have been about 40 products in each bag including brands Gatineau, New CID, Laura Geller, Decleor & many more. When my mum & I got home we emptied the contents & swapped products, below is a picture of everything I kept. From this lovely pile I have picked out certain products that I was really excited to receive.


I picked up a couple Josie Maran’s argan oils, I already had a full size at home but to be honest the product is a lot of money to buy so I wanted to pick up a couple of samples. The oil can be used anywhere on your body, in your hair or as a moisturiser. I had already decided that I wanted to use this for multiple purposes so having a little bottle meant that I could dedicate one for my hair & the other one for my face.

I was really glad that I spoke to the brand because I had been using this as a serum but in fact it is used as a moisturiser in its own right & I also learnt that this is great for people with rosacea which my mum suffers from so I picked one up for her to. So anyone that also suffers from Rosacea this could be a really good investment.


I don’t really know much about Prai, I am aware that they have been on QVC for a while but I have never tuned into their shows so I am not sure what their products are like. My mum received a serum in her goody bag which she kept, I did have my eye on it as I am obsessed with serums! I decided I would keep the golden eye cream to see what magic this could do to my ‘laughter lines’ so I will give this a whirl once I have finished up my current eye cream. I am hoping I like it as I am always on the look out for a good eye cream. The product is full size & if I was to buy this from the QVC website it would cost £25.50 so I am really pleased I got this for free.


I was so excited to pull the Sarah Chapman sachet out of my bag, I very nearly purchased the set a while ago, you get 6 sachet’s for £40. It is a really interesting mask you place under your jaw / chin, it’s like a sling that you then hook over your ears. The mask is drenched with serum which contains skin-firming algae, plant collagen, skin tighteners & brighteners blended with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, rose & camomile flower water. It sounds incredible & I cannot wait to try it.

You leave it on for 15 minutes & once the mask is removed it is recommend you massage the remaining serum into your skin in upward strokes until completely absorbed. I know for a fact that if I fall in love with this product I will end up buying the set from QVC.


I very nearly bought these wet wipes a few months ago so I am really chuffed they came in my goody bag. They are infused with tea tree oil which is handy for me as sometimes I get random spots on my top back / shoulders so I will definitely be using these there. The wipes can be used for everything, skin cleansing / removing makeup but to be honest I will probably use these for any spot problem areas & in the summer when it gets a little hot & sticky, I think these will be great to freshen up with.


Very recently I decided to take more care of my hair keeping on top of my split ends & trying my best to find products that will keep it healthy, hydrated & glossy. I think I have found some great products so far but I am always willing to try something new so I will definitely be giving the below hair oil a whirl.

The product contains 4 different oils, argan, radish, sweet cherry & moringa. I can just tell already from the ingredients this product is going to be amazing. The product is described to nourish, tame, detangle & protect the hair & to leave it feeling silky, supple with a lustrous shine. Well already this sounds like a winner so I cannot wait to try it out.


I have really fallen in love with Laura Geller & I already highly rate her champagne spackle primer so I was over the moon to receive the hydrating primer. I am trying so hard to keep my skin hydrated so this is perfect for me. I am wondering if this is a new release as I cannot find this version on the QVC website, but if it is then I am even more exited about trying it.


In both the goody bags there was a bronzer by Bareminerals called The Skinny Dip, my mum said she would not used hers so I took that off her hands no problem. I have never really got on with bronzers in the past I have always been quite heavy-handed but this year I definitely want to experiment more mainly contouring, however I would like to master a nice bronzed glow all over the face. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the bronzer came off really light on the back of my hand, it has definitely got a champagne undertone which is beautiful. I am very confident there is no way to go wrong with the bronzer.

I am pleased to say there is no muddiness at all & I would describe the finish as satin, there does not appear to be any shimmer in the product but you get a lovely glow to it so it is not completely matte. It is very lovely indeed & I am looking forward to trying it in my makeup routine.


I received a beautiful lip gloss from Wild About Beauty, I am keeping a very keen eye on this brand & eagerly waiting to see what more products they were be bringing to QVC. I already have a handful of items from their range but this is the first lip product I have seen. I am pretty certain this is a lip gloss I was going to purchase at some point anyway as it is such a pretty colour so I feel very lucky to have got it for free.

I have to say I am not a fan of the applicator but I can look past that as it is a gorgeous product. I would describe it as a sheer peachy nude if that is possible, it is very glossy & not sticky in the slightest. Normally these days I will partner a lip gloss with a lipstick but this is actually something I would wear alone. The product is enriched with Vitamin E, it’s very hydrating I can feel the hydration on my lips.

I like the product a lot & will keep an eye out for other shades.


I have to say I loved all the products received in the goody bag, there are so many I am going to try out. Above are just a handful of products that I was really excited to receive.

I would love to know if anyone else went to the Beauty Bash & what they loved from the day? I hope you all enjoyed my post. x


4 thoughts on “QVCUK Beauty Bash 2014

  1. Love this post! I too went to the BB on the Wednesday for the PM session. Everybody was lovely. The goody bag was a lovely treat. I got some lovely products. I too went with my Mum. We also swapped a few things once we got home, I gave her my Prai serum as I’m only 21 and the serum wouldn’t have don’t anything for me, and in exchange she gave me a philosophy lip gloss plus a New CID lip gloss. The Laura Geller is divine if you haven’t tried yet. It’s a different texture to the original. Perfect for this time of year too as it’s hydrating. Almost feels like a moisturiser. The bronzed from Bare Minerals is flawless, my Mum also gave me hers and I gladly took it. ;) My fingers a are crossed for next year!

    1. Thank you so much hun :-) I was mouth opened shocked at what was in the bags, definitely a great mix. I tried the original LG 2 years ago & I was not sure at all so never used it but I currently have the champagne spackle which I love but what you say sounds great, I love a good hydrating product. xx

    1. Hopefully next year the Daily Mail will be running a day with them again where you can buy tickets :-) Thanks hun, definitely a random mix in the bag, there was even plant food.. xx

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