Makeup I Must Use Up Part 1

imagesCAFND40DMy mind tends to go into full swing thinking mode just as I am winding down to go to bed, I am too much of a thinker which is my downfall sometimes but sometimes it works in my favour. So last night I was laying in bed thinking about my makeup collection, which is so extreme I cannot even bring myself to photograph it for fear of judgement, but I decided I need to stop hoarding & actually use up some of my products.  I realised a couple of years ago I have a bit of a OCD about using up products so I only use things for a little while then stop as I hate running out of things I like, very strange I know but I am gradually overcoming this.

Each month I want to try to use a certain set of products only in the hope I can get as near as I can to finishing them, if I still find I have a lot of product left over I will have to rethink my plan & maybe keep using the same products until the end of them. So here is the first lot I have picked out;


I received the BareMinerals Prime Time neutralizing primer in a set I purchased & thought at first this was a great product because it helps with redness which I suffer from at times on my cheeks & chin but I just don’t like the texture of it it feels wet & slippery on the skin. This being said I do need to use it up. I would sell it in a blog sale but it looks a bit messy around the lid. I am hoping my makeup will stay in place for most of the day as I do tend to find by mid afternoon its non-existent when I am not using my Laura Geller primer so we will see how this fairs up, if my make up does not stay for long I will remove this from my routine.

I decided I would treat myself to a Lancôme foundation & I do like this one I think it is great that it has a built-in concealer though I think I picked the wrong shade, unfortunately there was no-one working on the Lancôme counter the day I made the trip & to be honest it was already a 30 mile round trip so I was not coming away empty-handed. It is properly a shade or 2 too dark but I have a white foundation I can use to lighten it up but I haven’t used it much because I am conscious of it being the wrong shade. The foundation is lightly fragranced which I think is quite pleasant though I don’t understand why some brands scent them. I am however determined to make this my daily foundation certainly for this month there is no point wasting this baby.

When L’Oreal released the Nude Magique BB cream I just had to have it but I don’t know why it must have been an urge of I want it now just because it is new on the market. I am not sure I would wear it alone but it claims to mimic the texture and glow of perfect, healthy bare skin – maybe this would be more suited to the summer when I don’t tend to wear a foundation but as I have pulled it out to use I may try it under foundation to see if it brings a dewy glow to my skin.


I suffer from terrible dark circles it’s quite depressing as I have never found that perfect concealer to cover them up & make me look flawless but I have not given up the search. About 18 months ago I came across the Jemma Kid makeup range though now it is no longer in existence which is sad but I did manage to pick up two correcting pallets. The first one is pretty much used up for what I wanted it for but I should really give this another whirl seeing as I have one untouched. The citrus colour top left & apricot top right is for colour correction I use the citrus under the eyes & the apricot on the eyelids to neutralise. The bottom left is a dewy glow all over radiance crème which I never really used so will use it as a highlight  & the bottom right is a berry lip & cheek tint so I may give this a go too.

I have had the Estee Lauder double wear concealer for a while I find it quite thick & heavy but for the amount it cost I have to use this. I am waiting for the double wear foundation to arrive that I purchased from a blog sale so I will try them together to see how it works but in the meantime I will make use of this.

The Bareminerals Mineral Veil came in the same set as the primer I purchased but I haven’t really used it much at all because I think I tend to use a bit too much powder & end up looking cakey but I am determined to master this product. It claims to reduce shine & minimise pores which is exactly what I need I also want to start using this as a setting powder for my concealer so I hope this works out as I have a lot of product to get through.


I became a blusher freak last year I just can’t seem to get enough of them I love how they can transform your look & give that healthy glow / pop of colour. I was vaguely aware of Benefit Cosmetics but as I started to get to know the brand I realised that Hervana was quite a popular blush so I made a cheeky purchase but if I am honest it has never won me over so I think I need to give this one another try & a good try at that to see if it’s what it is raved to be.

I decided to pick up the High Beam a while back but I have only used it twice I just don’t think I like it, the texture is quite thick it’s not really what I expected it to be. I am toying about selling it in a blog sale I am planning to do at some point but I feel I need to try this a few more times to help make up my mind for sure so I will see how this goes.

So the Fine One One blusher was quite popular when it was first launched! I think I only purchased this as I got caught up with the hype. There is two blush colours & a highlighter all in one handy stick, I think the concept is great but the colour is a little too dark for me though I have to say I am generally a little heavy-handed when applying my blush so I may try a more gentle approach to see if I can get the best out of this.


I have a mountain of brand new mascaras that I really want to try out so I need to stick to just two to get them finished up so I can move onto the next. The first one I have been using for a couple of months is the Wild About Beauty mascara which I have to say is a lovely mascara, you don’t necessarily need to build it up but I like to put on two or three coats to give it that wow factor. I would definitely repurchase this once I have got my collection down a bit further.

I started to use the Estee Lauder mascaras last year when I bought a little makeup kit & since then whenever I have purchased something from the Estee Lauder website I have chosen the mascara sample to be sent with my order. I love this mascara it separates the lashes perfectly, I love this mascara for an easy-going day look it’s not too heavy & even after three coats you never get any clumping.


The above two lip stick / glosses are from an American brand called Mally which is only available in the UK through QVCUK. I have appeared to have accumulated a few of these but these two I have already started so I need to get them finished so they are not wasted. These are quite clever lip products they are a primer, lip stick & lip gloss all in one. I find that these are quite a thick consistency but I think I go a little over board when applying them.


The colours look similar in the packaging above but there is a difference, the first one is empowering pink which has a lovely shimmer running through it & the other colour is encouraging peach. I had to change the auto levels on the swatch picture to show the colour a bit better as my lighting set up is not very good at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed the post I will probably continue to do this each month. x


20 thoughts on “Makeup I Must Use Up Part 1

  1. Such a great idea to use up some of the products, about the foundation that is the wrong shade, have you ever thought of emailing them to see if there is anything they can do? I know its so hard to pick a shade which is why they have people on the counters so really they should have been there to help you.

    Cornelia – Ineffable Beauty

    1. Hey, unfortunately I did get it months ago but thanks for the tip I will bear it mind for any future mishaps ;-) have you got any makeup bits you need to use up?x

    1. It looks really pretty in the bottle, I used it again this week & it’s nicer than I thought it was so hope I can keep using it. I love both powder & liquid highlighters but generally more powder. I think the high beam is going to last forever I have a sneaky suspicion it will take months to use up :-) x

    1. You should do a blog sake Hun I’m sure people would snap up anything g you don’t use anymore :-) good luck with the sort out though. Aw thank you so much I will take a look shortly when I get home xx

      1. Its just the hassle of having to get to the post office. The only one near me is only open from 9-5 monday to friday and until 12 on a saturday morning, so can’t really be bothered haha xx

        1. I know exactly what you mean, the thought of packaging everything up then trekking to the post office on a Saturday morning when I want to be laying in bed is a little unappealing but at some point I must do it as I have a bag full of stuff I want to sell xx

          1. That’s exactly why I cant be bothered. I mean I could probably make like 30 to 50 quid, but I’ve decided to just donate to charity instead. I just need to clear out now. I’ve already started a pile of ‘use me’ makeup x

          2. That’s a really great thing to do :-) Ah excellent you should do a post on it once you have decided what you are going to use xx

    1. I am a nightmare, I see all these lovely products & just want them all then end up with a pile & I never know where to start so hopefully this post will get me on the right track :-) x

  2. “so extreme I cannot even bring myself to photograph it for fear of judgement” this made me laugh out loud, I’m exactly the same hahah! I loved this post I did a post like it about a month ago and I think it helps to motivate you knowing you’ve blogged about it! I’ve also never found a concealer to get rid of my undereye circles but think I might get the Mac Pro Longwear one! x

    1. ;-) hehe Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it. I hate the thought of wasting the makeup so need to make an effort that’s for sure. I have recently purchased the Mac pro so I am hoping it covers them up, so frustrating isn’t it x

      1. You’re welcome it was a great post! Hahah yes I know how you feel it’s like aaah I spent money on this I will use it regardless! Oh my word really?! Do you like it? I think I’m going to research it before buying it hahah! x

        1. Hey, sorry I meant to reply :-) I haven’t really used the Mac Pro much I purchased the NW15 which was way to light for me but luckily I blended it OK, I think it covered what I wanted but I have now got the NW20 I think or the 25 but I haven’t tried it out yet I want to leave it as a surprise ha! I see loads of YouTubers using it & rating it highly so I really hope it covers the darkness xx

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