Salonnière by Jenny Packham Glamorous Lips

Before I managed to pick up a couple of deep plum lip colours I found a cute little set of lipsticks on the Boots website called Salonniere by Jane Packham (Buy Salonnière Glamorous Lips – Ladies cosmetic gift – Boots.) which I ummed & arghed about for quite a few days. I really wanted to see what the colours were like in this set as the description is pretty poor & there are no lipstick names to search on google for swatches so I eventually decided that I would buy this as part of the 3 for 2 deal so I could see what they were like. I was convinced that there was a plum in the set but I needed to know for sure as it could be the one!


The set comes with blotting paper which I have to say I was quite excited about as I have never tried blotting paper before I just stuck with good old toilet roll but these papers are now firmly part of my handbag essentials.  I love the packaging, I am a sucker for packaging for sure, the little flowers on the lid just gives it that little something if you know what I mean, very cute indeed.

I am sure you all want to know what the colours are like, so here are some pictures I have taken;


Swiped once but can be built up to a more vibrant colour


The textures are all very different for example the 2nd one in from the left is really hard & you need to really work it on the lip to get any colour to transfer & build it up for the pigment to pay off which was disappointing then you have the deep plum at the very end which is really soft & glides on incredibly well in fact it is quite slippery to use. This one did actually break on my first day of using it which wasn’t ideal so I had to do a bit of DIY & melt the end then stick it back in & leave it in the fridge for a few hours which appears to have done the trick. The other two lipsticks I would say are of a normal texture & glide on nicely but are not too slippery like the plum.

I really like all of the shades they are very pretty & I think there is pretty much something for every occasion. I really adore the deep plum & now it is mended I will wearing this more especially through these dark months.  The colour pay off on the lipsticks is really good, apart from the 2nd one,  & they are definitely buildable if you so wish. The lipstick does not separate, dry or crack on the lips & they have a nice glossy sheen.



You will have to excuse that I did the lip swatches back to front! The red should be top left & the deepest plum bottom right but I guess this is what happens when you are doing your lipstick in the mirror & forget you want it the other way round!

The cost of these four is pretty awesome at £14 & especially being in the 3 for 2 at the moment, if you like the look of these they are still available Buy Salonnière Glamorous Lips – Ladies cosmetic gift – Boots. x


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    1. Thanks hun, sorry it took me a while to reply I read the comment then said I would come back to it, epic fail there. I have just followed you on Pinterest & Bloglovin hun x

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