Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon – 20100 Lipstick Shining

Oh I do love a lip colour! This year I have embraced lips full on for the first time, it initially started as a new years resolution to wear more lip glosses as I had amassed quite a few & then my confidence started to grow so I began wearing subtle lipsticks, a few baby pinks & nudey tones. As the months have passed I have realised that I really enjoy expressing myself through my lip colour, it makes me feel like I have “arrived”. I try to wear quite bold colours now which a year a go I would have said no way to but some days I just feel like wearing a vibrant pink or a lovely plum, it’s a real statement for me & I get a lot of compliments too which is lovely.

Lord & Berry came onto my radar last year, I was aware they were there & they had a good range but I thought the packaging looked a little too familiar to Bobbi Brown so I stayed away because I was not sure if this would be a cheaper version of Bobbi however a couple of weeks ago I had a discount code for ASOS so I decided to get 3 lipstick crayons & give them a whirl. I love lip crayons at the moment & I have to say with these it was literally egg on my face because first impressions are the brand is amazing, the product is amazing, the colour pay off is amazing & it’s lasts all day which is amazing! I definitely should not have judged a book by its cover here & now I wish I had tried the brand sooner but at least I have taken the plunge now so I can treat myself to some more goodies in the new year.

I picked up orange & fuchsia which I have not tried out yet but I am very excited to wear them soon, the colour I chose to showcase first & which has been a winner with me & a couple of people in the office is the plum. It is so not a shade I would have dared to buy or chose last year or even at the start of this year but I saw it & knew I had to try it out & I am so pleased that I did as it is gorgeous.




The crayon goes on so smoothly its just glides easily, the pigmentation is incredible you could easily get away with putting one coat on but I like to build my colour up so I tend to go for 2 or 3 coats so you really get a wow impact. The crayon is so soft on the lips it doesn’t dry them out at all & lasts such a long time, I do tend to top mine up every couple of hours as I love the way my lips look so glossy. I think the plum is a really sexy colour & it has definitely made me stand to attention & look at buying more colours from the 15 colour strong range.



I have seen a couple of reviews on the plum shade but I would really love to know who has some of the other shades in this range & what your thoughts are on the product & brand in general? I think I will need to add the pink, cherry & lust crayons to my Lord & Berry wish list & I have also seen a lip liner set at ASOS which I think I want too as I don’t tend to buy lip liners but I think I should do really. x


5 thoughts on “Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon – 20100 Lipstick Shining

  1. I have just received a Lord and Berry Lipstick Crayon for my birthday and I am unable to move the lipstick up the tube other than pushing it up with the handle of a small screwdriver, surely this is not right. Can anyone help please.

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